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And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelist; and some pastors and teachers Eph.4:11

We heartily endorse the ministers who are featured on this page
and encourage you to visit their churches when you are in their area.

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Minister Date Message Title Format
Arthur, Kevin 8/28/2010 The supernatural power of a one day fast Realplayer
Adkins, Rusty 06/17/04 PM Three things Hell does not want you to know Realplayer
Adkins, Rusty 06/18/04 PM God has given you a Savior Realplayer
Adkins, Rusty 06/19/04 PM Attaining Favor Realplayer
Adkins, Rusty 06/20/04 AM To everything there is a season Realplayer
Adkins, Rusty 06/20/04 PM The Holy Ghost Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 6/2/2005 Cookies, Millstones, & Diaper Bags Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 6/3/2005 If you really believe Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 6/5/2005 When saving you doesn't make sense Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 6/1/2006 I didn't hear you knocking Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 6/2/2006 The Dumbest Thing I Ever Heard Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 6/4/2006 When Deliverance Came Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 10/27/04 PM It's About The Lamb Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 10/28/04 PM Willing to play hurt Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 10/29/04 PM The principles of Doctrine Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 10/30/04 PM 10 Stupid Things... Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 10/31/04 AM Buy the whole field Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 10/31/04 PM Where Could I Go Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 06/13/09 PM Call on the name of the Lord! Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 06/14/09 PM For the promise is unto you! Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 6/4/2010 What God saw when He went to church Realplayer
Ballestero, Martyn 6/6/2010 Everything I need to Know ... Realplayer
Bow, Kenneth  09/15/04 PM When a man becomes his own priest Realplayer
Bow, Kenneth 09/16/04 PM The Ugly Christian Realplayer
Bow, Kenneth 7/20/2014 The gate of the broken bottle MP3
Burgess, Billy 7/19/2014 By Faith Ye Stand MP3
McKinley, H. B. (Pastor) 5/8/2005 An inner emptiness that persist Realplayer
McKinley, H. B. (Pastor) 5/15/2005 A new creation Realplayer
Peters, Tom (Pastor) 06/23/04 PM It's time to wake the wind Realplayer
Peters, Tom (Pastor) 06/24/04 PM Don't trade your treasures for trinkets Realplayer
Peters, Tom (Pastor) 06/25/04 PM The deterioration of the shields Realplayer
Peters, Tom (Pastor) 06/26/04 PM Look who's begging now Realplayer
Peters, Tom (Pastor) 06/27/04 AM You need a Father Realplayer
Peters, Tom (Pastor) 06/27/04 PM The natural observation of spiritual phenomena Realplayer
Peterson, Tony 4/3/2005 The Will of GOD Realplayer
Peterson, Tony 4/5/2005 I refuse to die Realplayer
Peterson, Tony 4/7/2005 The True Worshipers (Part 1) Realplayer
Peterson, Tony 4/8/2005 Good things happen when you Shout! Realplayer
Peterson, Tony 4/10/2005 A determined heart & a made up mind. Realplayer
Peterson, Tony 4/12/2005 A good story Realplayer
Peterson, Tony 4/13/2005 Priorities Realplayer
Peterson, Tony 4/14/2005 We're living on crumbs from heaven Realplayer
Peterson, Tony 4/15/2005 Take time out to Shout! Realplayer
Peterson, Tony 4/17/2005 The Grace of GOD Realplayer
Pinell, Steven (Pastor) 03/31/05 PM When your handicaps become your hindrances Realplayer
Streeval, Garry (Pastor) 6/4/2005 You are not in charge! Realplayer
Streeval, Garry (Pastor) 6/3/2006 The Devil needs to know who you are Realplayer
Streeval, Garry (Pastor) 6/4/2006 And He Went A Little Further Realplayer
Streeval, Garry (Pastor) 6/5/2006 Guard the doors of your house Realplayer
Streeval, Garry (Pastor) 06/11/04 PM Stay in the house until we leave Egypt Realplayer
Streeval, Garry (Pastor) 06/12/04 PM Take ye away the stone Realplayer
Streeval, Garry (Pastor) 06/13/04 PM In the beginning God Created Realplayer
Streeval, Garry 06/12/09 PM When am I due? Realplayer
Streeval, Garry 06/14/09 AM Salvation as simple as1, 2, 3. Realplayer
Streeval, Garry 6/5/2010 What was I Thinking? Realplayer
Streeval, Garry 6/6/2010 What song shall I sing? Realplayer
Streeval, Garry 7/18/2014 The Sinkhole Syndrome MP3
Streeval, Garry 7/20/2014 How will it look from there? MP3
Wright, Doug 6/8/2006 God's order for a miracle Realplayer
Wright, Doug 6/9/2006 When God wants to show His strength Realplayer


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