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And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelist; and some pastors and teachers Eph.4:11

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Minister Title Link Format
Clark, Austin Hold onto the Joy GL20170305_AC.mp3 MP3
Adkins, Rusty He is in the house GL20170223_RA_Special.mp3 MP3
Adkins, Rusty There is more at the top of the mountain GL20170219_RA_Special.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. Ther will be a test GL20170108_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin A sure foundation GL20161218_AC.mp3 MP3
Adkins, Rusty Just one moment GL20161211_RA.mp3 MP3
Adkins, Rusty Repentance GL20161204_RA.mp3 MP3
Adkins, Rusty When God speaks, something has to happen GL20161113_RA.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin Out of Darkness GL20160417_AC.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin My God is rreal GL20151220_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. Living Right GL20151101_HM.mp3 MP3
Elliott, Trey Deleverance is availible GL20151025_TE.mp3 MP3
Elliott, Trey You've got to be lost, before you are found GL20151018_TE.mp3 MP3
Elliott, Trey Canidates for a miracle GL20151011_TE.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin The one true God GL20150920_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. Living with eternal perspective GL20150816_HM.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. Created a little lower than the angels GL20150802_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin Truth and Testimony GL20150607_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. We ought to obey God rather than man GL20150531_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin A Heritage GL20150510_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. Little is much GL20150503_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin Do you feel forsaken? GL20150412_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. How important is the word of God in your life? GL20150329_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin What about the change? GL20150322_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. The Word of God Lives Gl20150315_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin Forgiveness: as simple but profound subject GL20150308_AC.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin The Liberty GL20150222_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. We are building a building GL20150201_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin Do you know jesus GL20150125_AC.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin You can't fool God GL20141228_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. There is only one gospel GL20141221_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin A New Creature GL20141214_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. The Name of Jesus GL20141207_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin In this will I be confident GL20141130_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. God delights GL20141123_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin Don't take a knife to a sword fight GL20141116_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. Our Search For God GL20141109_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin When  Zion Travails GL20141102_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. The God of Hope GL20141026_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin What will you trade for your inheritance? GL20141019_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. Doing the right thing: Because it's the right thing to do GL20141012_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin Gods Call GL20141005_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. What would God want from me? GL20140928_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin The Gates of Hell GL20140921_AC.mp3 MP3
Elliott, Trey What does the shepherd do with blemished sheep? GL20140914_TE.mp3 MP3
Elliott, Trey The Promise Keeper GL20140907_TE.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. A New Creature GL20140831_HM.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. The Comforter GL20140817_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin The Mind of Christ GL20140810_AC.mp3 MP3
Ross, Frank God is trying to tell you something (part2) GL20140803_FR.mp3 MP3
Ross, Frank God's trying to tell you something (part 1) GL20140727_FR.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. What Can I present the Lord? GL20140720_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin It's time to move GL20140713_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B.  A sure foundation GL20140706_HM.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B.  What a friend we have in Jesus GL20140608_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin  Do you love the Lord? GL20140601_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B.  An Inner Emptiness That Persist GL20140525_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin  My Lord and My God GL20140518_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. Whom Shall Ye fear GL20140511_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin  The Missing Link GL20140504_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B.  The Potters House GL20140427_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin  What Glory Awaits GL20140420_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B.  How will You Die? GL20140413_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin  If the salt has lot its savor GL20140406_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. God is able GL20140330_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin A Mind Stayed On Jesus GL20140323_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. Jesus: the name above all names GL20140316_HM.mp3 MP3
Clark, Austin A Life changing experience GL20140309_AC.mp3 MP3
McKinley, H. B. The Devil's Deception Revealed GL20140302_HM.mp3 MP3

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